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Defibrillator funding for community spaces across England

The Department of Health and Social Care is currently running a £1 million match funded Community Automated External Defibrillators Fund, aimed at increasing the number of AEDs in public places where they are most needed and to help save lives.

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Who can apply for funding:

To qualify you must:

To be eligible for a funded defibrillator you must also:

  • Locate the secure defibrillator cabinet on an external wall in an area that is accessible to members of the public 24 hours per day. (The equipment must be installed and registered on The Circuit within 4 weeks).
  • Be able to provide an electrical power source to ensure the defibrillator cabinet light and heater operate to keep the device at the right temperature
  • Provide match funding for your application (c. £750).

Apply for a defibrillator

Please fill in the enquiry form below to register your interest for a public access defibrillator for your community.


How much funding is available for my application?

The fund will support distribution of 2000 AEDs across England. These will be selected from applications in areas that most need a defibrillator. Applications will receive a contribution from DHSC and London Hearts alongside their own match funding. Applicants will be required to raise c.£750

What does AED stand for?

Automated External Defibrillator

Will DHSC be managing my application?

No, your application will be managed by DHSC’s Grant Administration partners Smarter Society and London Hearts.

The contact details for the scheme are:
0300 302 1388
Calls cost no more than calls to geographic numbers (01 or 02)

Why is quick access to an AED so important for an individual that is experiencing cardiac arrest?

Defibrillation is the only method to treat someone in cardiac arrest. Every minute that a person in Sudden Cardiac Arrest does not receive defibrillation, their chances of survival drop by 7-10%

How will we get training to use the AED?

he AED device that you will receive is fully automated and provides simple voice prompts on how to use it in the event of cardiac arrest.

There are no official AED training requirements, however we will supply a recorded online awareness training session with an FAQ’s section, which will be provided when your AED is dispatched.

This training session can be saved for further reference and refresher sessions, to support individuals and help improve their confidence in using the device.

How will the AED be installed?

The AED will be delivered with an external, locked cabinet, which you must arrange installation of. Full details of how to install will be provided which can be done by a qualified electrician

Can I apply on behalf of a company?

Yes, all types of organisations are eligible apart from schools/academies which are supported under a different DfE scheme.

Commercial organisations that apply will need to additionally pay VAT for their AED

Where will the AED need to be positioned?

The AED will need to be positioned outside so that it is accessible to members of the public 24 hours per day, even when your building is closed. Each AED will be provided in a locked cabinet. The combination to unlock the cabinet will be held by the guardian and the Ambulance service so it is accessible 24 hours per day.

When can I receive an AED?

If you are able to provide match funding then your application can be processed immediately. You can confirm this by sending an email to referencing your organisation.

To prevent any delays. The organisation name in your application should exactly match that which you email us about.

What happens if we are eligible for this scheme but the funding runs out?

The funding for the scheme is based on a first come, first served basis. Eligible organisation’s applications will be only be confirmed once they have completed their match funding and provided this payment to the AED providers, London Hearts.

Will the AED require maintenance?

The AED runs diagnostics test itself and we recommend a visual check of the unit on a monthly basis. The device consumables need to be replaced within manufacturer guidelines pads (3 years or if used) and batteries (5 years). DHSC do not provide funding for replacement consumables.

How do I register the AED?

Upon installation of the AED, you are required to register this on The Circuit, the UK’s national defibrillator network.

We will advise on the information required for registration when dispatching your AED and external locked cabinet.